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TSE Inc. Company Information

Who We Are

Tactical Support Equipment Inc (TSE Inc.) is a small service-disabled veteran-owned company that employs veterans with extensive and real-world reconnaissance, surveillance and communications experience. Employees of TSE Inc. have more than 100 years of combined military service to include combat experience in Operation Just Cause in Panama, Desert Storm in Kuwait and Iraq, Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, Operation Joint Endeavor in Bosnia and Kosovo, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq. Their vast experiences in technical reconnaissance and surveillance missions as well as their specialized knowledge of tactical communications equipment provides TSE Inc. employees with a unique perspective that translates into a tremendous value to TSE Inc. customers and clients.

Rapid Equipment for Rapid Response

TSE Inc. was the original prime manufacturer for RSTA (reconnaissance, surveillance & target acquisition) equipment, which provided special operations forces with tactical ground reconnaissance equipment to meet critical mission requirements. The quick response from conception to fielding of this critical equipment from TSE Inc. has been a major factor in mission success for U.S. forces in current combat zones. The unique capabilities of TSE Inc. to be a manufacturer, a distributor, a integrator, and a trainer makes it a perfect choice to rapidly meet current and future requirements of U.S. forces. TSE Inc.’s establishment of the National Reconnaissance Battle Lab training center (NRBL) has allowed its military clients to train as it fights in a technical reconnaissance role. TSE Inc. established the National Reconnaissance Battle Lab to train students at all levels, from basic electronics to advanced video operations in real-world scenarios.

Technical to Tactical

TSE Inc. provides a variety of equipment at discounted prices. TSE Inc. specializes in custom kits to meet reconnaissance / surveillance needs to include long range reconnaissance, vehicle kits, and remote systems.

Through its partnerships with quality product distributors, TSE Inc. has access to most items required for law enforcement and military reconnaissance / surveillance missions. TSE Inc. has the capability to manufacture custom products such as time delayed camera systems, monitoring stations, remote camera systems, brackets, mounts, power adapters and line of sight and SATCOM amplifiers. 

For more information about TSE Inc.’s reconnaissance, surveillance and communications equipment, contact sales@tserecon.comFor information about training schedules, contact