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Digital Video Recorder

Pocket Digital Video Recorder with 5-inch Touch Screen 

Part #: TSE-5-DVR-TS

The 5” Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with Touch Screen from LawMate is a concealable long duration recorder with High Definition Recording. The DVR has a battery life, between 120 – 180 minutes. The DVR records to an onboard 320GB SATA HDD or to a Micro SD Card.

The DVR can also operate as an audio recorder, video player or take still images from live or recorded video. The DVR can operate from the internal battery in a stand alone mode. The DVR also has built in timers and motion detection to allow unattended start and stop operations. The DVR can be used with any standard NTSC or PAL video camera. Can be used as a monitor for camera installations.

• Touch Screen Operation or IR Remote  

• Supports NTSC or PAL Video

• 5 inch TFT LCD  

• Records to a built-in 320 GB SATA HDD or micro SD Card 

   (Supports up to 16GB SDHC)

• Records & Plays Video & Audio  

• Scheduled and Motion Detection Recording

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