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Digital Video Recorder with Wi-Fi

Pocket Digital Video Recorder with built-in Wi-Fi 

Part #: TSE-WIFI-DVR-1

You no longer need a screen on your portable covert DVR, because this new generation LawMate DVR is Wi-Fi enabled. You can instantly watch and download video and audio you just recorded to your smartphone or tablet. No wires are needed.

The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to control, view and download video and audio remotely without touching the unit itself. With the introduction of the first Wi-Fi enabled high end DVR, you now have a covert DVR that can be truly body-worn or concealed.

This new generation state-of-the-art covert DVR will work with both

Windows and Apple OS systems. You can also use the new 1080p covert video camera and easily setup and use this surveillance system.

• Wi-Fi enabled (no built-in screen needed)  

• Full HD 1080p

• Optional HD Button/Screw Camera  

• Records to SD or micro SD Cards 

• Small Form Factor - 85 x 55 x 17mm  

• Lightweight - 2.18oz (62g)

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