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RF Over Fiber System for use with 30-512 MHz Radios


The FORAX-LS connects a radio to a distant antenna. The FORAX-LS supports all current UHF and VHF line of sight (LOS) to include UHF DAMA SATCOM radio operations utilizing any of the frequencies from 30 MHz to 512 MHz. The FORAX-LS offers a high performance alternative to conventional radio to antenna coaxial cable connections, affording greater flexibility in antenna location plus electrical isolation for all the user’s radios. The antenna can be located up to 10 km from the radio while the radio remains near the user enhancing the physical security of the radio and its user.

A FORAX-LS system consists of a Radio Interface Unit (RIU) connected by a User-supplied optical fiber cable to an Amplifier Interface Unit (AIU). At the radio site, the RIU is connected to the radio’s antenna port using a short coaxial cable. At the antenna site, the AIU is connected to the high power amplifier (HPA) with a short coaxial cable. Each AIU link provides 2W transmit power to drive an external HPA.

• Connects radios to remote antennas using optical fiber

• Fixed and Mobile Command Centers

• Supports 30-512 MHz Frequency Range 

• 6-32 VDC Input

• Compact Design 

• Weight – 3 lbs. (1.5 lbs. per module)

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