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Battery Adapter for PRC-117G

Universal Uninterrupted Power Supply for the PRC-117G 

Universal Uninterrupted Power Supply for the 

Part #: 
TSE-5590-ADP-117G     (Adapter, 2ea BA-XX90 Cable) 

TSE-5590-ADP-117G-1  (Adapter, 1ea BA-xx90 Cable, AC Power Supply)
TSE-5590-ADP-117G-2  (Adapter, 1ea BA-xx90 Cable, Flying Lead Cable)
TSE-5590-ADP-117G-3  (Adapter, 2ea BA-xx90 Cable, AC Power Supply, Flying Lead Cable)

The Universal Uninterrupted Power Supply for the PRC-117G (UUPS) is designed to be used in the ruck, in the operations center and on vehicular platforms.


Having two power input receptacles and a built-in zero-wait switch, the UUPS can be connected to a variety of multiple power sources to include: BA-5590 batteries (and variants), worldwide AC power and military vehicle power.

The internal zero-wait switch automatically switches between primary and auxiliary input power sources. Having two BA-5590 cables allows users to hot swap batteries without taking the radio offline or out of the rucksack. 

The UUPS has an auxiliary power output port that can be used to power external devices such as loudspeakers, handheld radios and network devices. The aux power connector interfaces with standard speaker power cables from Harris.

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