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Waterproof K-9 Camera System - High Power Version 2

Waterproof version with 3.5-Watt Transmitter and Day/Night Camera

Part #: TSE-K9-KIT-WP-3.5-V2

The NEW Waterproof High Power K9 Camera Kit from Tactical Support Equipment Inc. is waterproof, salt water resistant with internal battery compartment. The system now incorporates a Color Day/Night Camera that visually outperforms any other K9 Camera in low light situations. The infrared illuminator is now controlled by the camera, so it is able turn the illuminator on and off as needed and save battery life.

The Receiver/Monitor has been upgraded to a larger 3.5” LCD.
The high power transmitter outputs at 3.5 Watts. The practical system transmission range is beyond 300 yards from a building and then through three reinforced concrete walls with steel hatch doors, giving it the furthest point-to-point transmission range of any K9 camera
system on the market.
• 3.5-Watt Transmitter
• Day/Night Camera

• Waterproof and Saltwater Resistant

• Internal Battery Compartment

• Lighter Weight

• Integrated Antenna

• Built-In IR Illuminator controlled by camera

• Increased Transmitting Range

• Video Output Port on K9 Camera

• Drop-in Replacement for Legacy K9 Camera System

New K9 Camera Video (Compare Old vs. New)

This video shows the low light performance of the new Day/Night Camera & Illuminator we have built into the new model of K9 Camera versus the older K9 Camera and Illuminator. (The Top video is the New Camera and the Bottom is the Older Camera. The video are not exactly synced up, but you can get the idea.)
Optional Accessory:

Capewell CK9 Tactical Vest - Operator

The Mil-Spec body material is comprised of an advanced coated polymer that is flame retardant, lightweight and with unparalleled tensile strength. Every effort has been taken to allow the Operator Vest to be modified in the field, including replaceable hardware and interchangeable top and bottom platforms.

Coupled with Capewell’s patent-pending quick connect mount for our 3.5 Watt Waterproof K9 Camera, this vest is one of a kind.

Tactical Support Equipment is partnered with Blueforce Development Corporation to provide our customers with K9 Situational Awareness and Safety Software. Please contact us for more information on these K9 Camera add-on capabilities.

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